Suzuki New Katana GSX750S - Canadian version
This model is part of a collection of Suzuki Katana motorcycles and was built pretty much out of the box

In late 2017, I had the custom decals for the Canadian version made and added to the model.  These consisted of a small
Canadian maple leaf symbol, surrounded by lettering and a unique serial number that was assigned to each bike sold in Canada.  
The updated model was displayed at the Motorcycle Supershow, where an owner of one of the bikes pointed out to me that the
Canadian versions did not have the integrated turn signals in the front fairing and rear taillight.  Sure enough, some Internet
photos showed this to be the case, so these were added and the existing turn signals blacked out with gloss black paint.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Suzuki New Katana GSX750S (kit number 14034)     

Finished:        Nov 2011 (updated Jan 2018)

- built pretty much out of the box
- axle, steering head and swing arm screws covered over with hex head replacements
- custom Canadian decals on front fairing (logo and serial number)
- front and rear turn signals added from Tamiya Suzuki Katana GSX1100 kit to make Canadian version
- paint on frame is Gunze gold, airbrushed.
- paint on body work is Tamiya lacquer white, white pearl and clearcoat
- paint on engine, wheels, some of the fairing is Tamiya semi-gloss black

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