Suzuki Katana Superbike - Gilles Bolduc
In addition to the Wes Cooley restored superbike, the same bike, painted purple and ridden by Steve Smart, there was another
Suzuki Katana Superbike shown at the Motorcycle Supershow.  In 2012, Gilles Bolduc displayed his yellow and blue version and at
that time it was sponsored by his Tim Horton's store.  There is one more Katana Superbike that is planned for this series

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/12 scale 14065 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana Custom Tuned

Finished:        Jan 2018

- left and right side engine covers from styrene sheet and rod
- both footpeg, rear subframe and rear brake lever mechanism from styrene sheet and rod
- clutch arm and gear shift arms from styrene
- muffler from aluminum tubing
- rear swing arm brace, front brake caliper mounts, fork brace, upper triple tree from styrene
- frame modifications from styrene rod
- flared aluminum tube added to carbs
- clutch cable arm and mounting bracket from styrene
- handlebars from copper wire
- bike stand from electrical wire and styrene rod
- steering damper

- front fender from parts box
- carbs and front brake disks from Aoshima Kawasaki Ninja
- removed starter motor, remounted turned upside down and blended in with engine case
- engine block strengthening webs added at drive sprocket
- front forks replaced with polished aluminum rod
- simulated welds with gel CA glue

- chain and gears were modified from a Yamaha YZR-M1 photoetch set and include rivets
- Top Studio wheel adjusters added
- T2M and Top Studio socket heads on both engine side covers
- aftermarket tire valves
- various Meng bolt heads added
- braided lines used for brake hydraulic lines with T2M banjo joints
- Wheels and tires from Tamiya Kawasaki 1000 Endurance motorcycle kit
- Custom printed number plates and decals
- Paint is Tamiya black lacquer on frame and wheels, Tamiya lacquers on bodywork, Alclad metallics on remainder
- added Top Studio throttle cable

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depending on your connection speed.  (yes, that's my reflection in the chrome gas tank)
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