Suzuki 750 Carbon Plastic Frame Motorcycle
The inspiration for this bike model was a photo in an old Cycle Canada magazine which showed a graphite framed bike by a
company called DOME.  I really like the idea of combining the frame and bodywork into one sculpted unit.  I did a lot of the
body/frame work a number of years ago, then put the model away for a long time.  After picking it up a few times, I finally started
completion in March 2005.  The model is intended to be a stripped down, street legal (but very fast) motorcycle.

I also decided to have only three main colours on the bike:
    - black for most of engine, the exhaust pipes and seat
    - blue for body/frame, wheels, headlight and front fender
    - shades of silver for everything else

I have also prepared more detailed build notes in a PDF file, with extra construction pictures.
Build Notes (750 kb)  

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1:12 scale 14034 Suzuki GSX750S New Katana

Finished:        August 2005        

frame and bodywork blended into one piece with sheet styrene and putty
separate rear frame section made from sheet styrene
seat made from two part epoxy molded to sheet styrene base
exhaust pipes taken from Tamiya 14065 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana Custom Tuned
scratchbuilt muffler from brass tubing
modified footpegs to different mounting points
scratchbuilt two double ignition coils mounted under tank
filled in back of front forks and swing arm
rear suspension linkages replaced with 00-90 bolts and nuts
rear suspension shock separated, shaft replaced with polished aluminum rod
front forks replaced with polished aluminum rod
spring and feet added to centre kickstand
hydraulic brake and clutch lines made from silver painted cloth fishing line
battery mounted under seat on scratchbuilt bracket
additional electrical wiring for alternator, handlebar switches, horn and battery
carb intake horns modified from Tamiya Lotus Formula One kit
oil dipstick top added to right side of engine
headlight taken from parts box, with scratchbuilt mounting
filled in back of front brake calipers
drilled out slots on all three brake disks
added wheel weights to both wheels
rear taillight from parts box, custom printed license plate
simulated aluminum oxidation on engine side covers
scratchbuilt ignition key and key ring and added to instrument panel
Tamiya Mica Blue over silver base, polished out and waxed

London Model Show, London, Ontario, October 2005, Honourable mention motorcycle
Ajax XXV model show, October 2005, 3rd place, motorcycle

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.
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