The Guelph Plastic Modelers Group had a Figure Build Challenge.  The challenge was to build a figure and enter the finished
model into the BUFFCON 23 model contest in April, 2006.  If you didn't finish, you had to buy lunch for the rest of the group!

I had this kit as a youngster and thought it would make an interesting subject for a figure build.  Luckily, Polar Lights re-issued the
kit and I was able to pick one up on eBay.  I never liked the setting very much, (the villian didn't look to scale) so I built a
nonedescript setting using some extra melamine board that I had.  I also replaced the web with my own scratchbuilt version.

Base Kit(s):    Polar Lights 'The Amazing Spiderman' (kit number 4100)     

Finished:        March 2006

- diorama setting replaced with melamine boards
- all seams were filled and sanded (multiple times)
- web made of clear stretched sprue, bent to shape, cut to length and assembled with CA and Kyrstal Klear glue
- paint was some Golden brand acrylic paint from an art store, thinned and shot through my airbrish, over Tamiya white primer
- web lines were done with 0.3 mm black permanent marker

Ajax XXXI, Ajax, ON October 2011, Sci-Fi Theme Award - Comic Book Superheroes

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Evan Jones Sci-Fi/Fantasy Models