Sopwith Triplane (1:48 scale)
This model was built as a gift to my wife's cousin and a good friend of mine.  Their great uncle Gordon died in World War I while
flying against the Germans.  It turns out that one of the plane he flew was also flown by Roy Brown, the Canadian who shot down
the Red Baron.  

Eduard made a wonderful model of this plane with plastic, resin and photoetch parts and included the markings of the plane flown
by Gordon.  This was my first triplane ever and I wanted to build a good model as a tribute to their relative.   The rigging was done
using a technique I found on the Stockholm IPMS site.  I used monofilament thread (like thin diameter fishing line) called invisible
mending thread found at a sewing store.  Some of the rigging is not as tight as I hoped, but good for my first (and last?) rigging

Base Kit(s):   Eduard 1:48 scale Sopwith Triplane (kit number 8014)     

Finished:        November 2006

- kit was built out of the box
- rigging is invisible mending thread from a sewing store
- flat colours are mostly Tamiya and Gunze acrylics shot through my airbrush, after decalling, Testors flat acryl
- silver is Tamiya Gloss Aluminum shot through my airbrush

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depending on your connection speed.  
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