Shelby Mustang 1968 GT500KR
This is the second of a matching pair of Shelbys.  The companion to this is the Shelby Mustang 2008 GT500KR, which is done in
the same colour scheme.  These two were completed in time for the 2013 Kingston Modelrama model car show, which had a
"Remembering Carroll Shelby" theme.  I had a built version of this model from the original AMT release and raided it for some parts
that were not as good in the recently re-issued kit, which had chrome head and taillights and poorer wheels.  If I wanted to really do
this model up the next time:
- gauges and bezels would be replaced
- the interior door panels would be separated from the tub and detailed up properly (there is actually a woodgrain section and
chrome trim on the door panels)
- rechrome the bumpers

The thing to realize about the kit is that the front grill and bumper are one chromed piece.  The real car only has a chrome trim
around the grill and the inner parts are painted the body colour.

Base Kit(s):   AMT/Ertl 1968 Ford Shelby GT-500 (kit number 6541), re-issue kit, circa 2000

Finished:        April 2013

- grill replaced with photoetched screen
- original release kit supplied the wheels, front headlights and rear taillights
- flocked floor
- tires from parts box
- poseable steering added
- rocker panels extended with sheet styrene and them Bare Metal Foiled
- windows replace with clear acetate
- drip rail replaced with square styrene rod
- Detail Master seat belt hardware and Hobby Design seat belt material (for front seats)
- custom printed license plate
- emblems and lettering came form leftover bits from KA model and Detail Master photoetch sets.
- interior paint is Tamiya semi-gloss black and brush painted woodgrain with some Bare Metal Foil
- exterior paint Testors Ferrari Red, followed by Testors custom lacquer clearcoat.  Stripes are Alclad Dull aluminum

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