1967 LeMans Mustang GT350R
For our club's 2007 LeMans 24 hour build, I planned on building this car.  However, things happened and I wasn't able to
participate.  The two weeks following LeMans, I completed the model and it was just as well that I didn't try it in 24 hours straight.  
There were quite a few modifications and I probably wouldn't have been pleased with the results.

This car is the only time a Mustang has ever competed at LeMans.  Unfortunately, the car didn't finish the race, only completing 58
laps.  It was driven by Claude Dubois and Chris Tuerlinckx, both from Belgium.

Luckily, Vintage Racing Models,
V-R-M, have created the proper decal sheet for this car.  I didn't do any engine wiring, clear
coating or polishing of the paint, in keeping with the spirit of the 24 hour build.

Base Kit(s):   Revell-Monogram Mustang GT350R     

Finished:        June 2007

- placed round sheet plastic on holes in front bumper and added vertical slots (for air intake)
- cut grooves thick in sheet plastic using milling machine for front grill
- parts box provided extra front headlights
- filed off all interior door detail and radio and glove box engraving
- bare metal foil for chrome window trim and door handles
- removed engraved windshield wipers and scratchbuilt single large one from styrene strip and aluminum wire
- made hole in trunk lid and mounted gas filler lid through hole
- added sheet plastic on rear body to make missing lip
- photoetch details from Detail Master for hood lock details
- replaced exhaust pipe end with aluminum tubing
- styrene scratchbuilt front tow bar
- clear styrene side windows
- removed window trim details and added wider ones from sheet styrene
- paint is Krylon Fusion white for body, straight from the can, with Tamiya semi-gloss black acrylic for rest, using an airbrush

Ajax XXVII, Ajax, ON Oct 2007, 3rd place Competition, Closed Wheel

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