Renault Alpine A224A LeMans 1978 - number 4
This car was built as part of a collection of 1978 Le Mans cars for the Torcan 2008 contest.  This car placed fourth in the 24 hours
of Le Mans race in 1978.  Luckily, Studio 27 made a decal sheet to allow the Tamiya kit to be used as the basis of the conversion.

Some body modifications were needed to kit to convert it, mostly filling in and removing various scoops and vents.  There were two
things that were not done:
- the bodywork wrapped up and over the side mirrors for aerodynamics
- the decal instructions show that there were 5 NACA ducts on the rear deck.  I couldn't see them on any reference photos that I
found and so they were omitted.

The red coloured decals were VERY brittle and I had a difficult time getting it to sit down over the fenders without cracking and
breaking.  I did some touch up painting and a lot of weathering in some areas to hide these problems

A somewhat detailed explanation of the build steps can be found here -
Build Notes (4 MB PDF)

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/24 scale Renault Alpine A224B (kit number 24011)

Finished:        May 2008

- Antenna made of craft wire wrapped around a #75 drill bit shaft
- Decals are Studio 27
- Side scoop small vent holes were filled in
- Vents above front fenders were filled in
- Rear scoop removed and vents on rear deck filled in
- Replaced chrome headlights with MV lenses
- Windscreen/roof omitted as this is the A (earlier) version of the car
- Paint is Testors acryl chrome yellow sprayed through an airbrush

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