Porsche 962C Joest LeMans race car
This car was completed during the Guelph Plastic Modellers Group 24 hour LeMans build event.  I've always liked the look of the
Blaupunkt sponsored Porsche 962C, with the white body and light blue dashed stripes, one on each side..  The car is not
technically a LeMans car for a few reasons:
- the rear body is a short tail and the vast majority of 962C's that ran at LeMans had long tail versions
- the markings are not exactly those of the car that ran at the 1988 LeMans race - there was a red/orange band in the front of the
nose and some of the logos are missing
- the hole in the body for the exhaust pipes should be angled and not horizontal
- there should be some small louvers in front of the exhaust hole

This model is based mostly on the Hasegawa Porsche 962C, with wheels, tires and decals adapted from the Tamiya 962C Joest.
Since it was a 24 hour build, the paint does not have a gloss coat and was not polished at all, the decals have a couple of wrinkles,
no seatbelt detail was added and the windshield has a couple of small scratches.

Base Kit(s):       Hasegawa 1/24 Omron Porsche 962C
                  Tamiya 1/24 Joest Porsche 962C

Finished:            June 19, 2005

Tires and wheels from Tamiya Joest kit (modifications were needed to mount them correctly), detailed with 1-72 brass nut and air valve
Joest decals were modified to fit, leaving out some details
Chrome foil behind headlights and taillights
Some exhaust and front nose weather dom=ne with pastels
Paint is Tamiya Pure White on body (decanted from rattle can), undertray is semi-gloss bottle black, both shot through an airbrush
The wheels, cockpit panels and radiators are Testors Metaliizer Aluminum, buffed to a really nice finish

MegaCity Madness, Toronto, Sept 2005, 3rd Place Competition Kit-Bashed

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