Porsche 961
This car was built during our club 24 hour Le Mans build in 2011.  The actual car raced in 1986 and was first in its class and 7th
place overall.  This was the original release, with decals about 20 years old.  Tamiya re-issued the kit in early 2011.  This kit was
molded with the windows integrated into the body.  

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/24 scale Porsche 961 (kit number 24071)

Finished:        Jun 2011

- removed front headlights and replaced with headlights and lenses from Tamiya Porsche 959 kit
- scratchbuilt front part of roll bar using 2.5 mm (0.100") diameter styrene rod
- Scale Motorsports photoetch seat belt added
- photoetch brake disks and styrene calipers added
- photoetch windshield wiper and tow rings added
- side windows removed and replaced with sheet acetate, including simulated sliding ventilation window
- aluminum tube for exhaust and turbo release pipes
- aerial made from paintbrush hair
- fuel and electrical cutoff switches
- windshield brackets from aluminum duct tape
- photoetch hood tie downs
- side mirror from Porshe 959 kit
- Bare metal foil under marker lights, stoplights, then Tamiya clear colours used on top
- Paint is Krylon for plastic White from a spray can

Toronto Model Car Show, Toronto, ON Sep 2011, 1st place Competition - Closed Wheel

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