Porsche 936 LeMans 1981
This car was built during our club 24 hour Le Mans build in 2011.  The actual car, driven by Jackie Ickxx and Derek Bell, won the
1981Le Mans race.  I bought a decal set from Fred Cady himself a few years back and wanted to use them on this model.  The
internet was scoured to find enough pictures of the car so that I could get the correct placements for the decals and I think I got
most of them.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/24 scale Martini Porsche 936 Turbo (kit number 24012)

Finished:        Jun 2011

- Scoop above driver opened up with rotary tool
- Details and antenna added to left of driver in cockpit
- Aftermarket photoetch seat belt
- Metal screen added to rear NACA ducts
- Bare metal foil under marker lights and brake lights, then Tamiya clear colours used on top
- Decals are from Fred Cady
- Paint is Krylon for plastic White from a spray can, weathering done with pasteld

Toronto Model Car Show, Toronto, ON Sep 2011, 3rd place Competition - Closed Wheel

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