Mustang IMSA Motorsports
This model was built in time for the National NNL 38 theme "Road Racing in America" in October 2017.  I had the model for a few
years and bought it because I really liked the colour scheme.  The actual car was more like a Ford Capri than a Mustang and was
built with the help of Zakspeed out of Germany.

If you build this model, be aware of a few issues:
- Mine had a warped chassis, which I didn't discover until close to final assembly
- The rear wing locating tabs are not very precise and on this model is actually not centred compared to the body
- There are quite a few fit issues with the model, so lots of dry-fitting is necessary

Base Kit(s):   Monogram Ford Motorsports Mustang IMSA Racer (kit number 2297)

Finished:        October 2017

- added photoetch screen to rear of radiator
- replaced some roll cage and front frame tubes with styrene rod
- Eduard seatbelt
- replaced some piping in engine with solder
- cigarette paper used on turbo intercooler pipe
- red shrinkwrapped tubing, with bare metal foil clamps on engine piping
- replaced molded instrument panel wiring with small diameter wire
- metal screen made for turbo inlet
- scratchbuilt front brake air ducts (wrapped .3 mm solder around electrical wire, added red shrinkwrap tubing)
- body paint is Tamiya pure white and blue

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