Meguro 500 Z7
This High Tech model took quite a while to complete.  The finished model is quite heavy because most of the parts are white metal.

Base Kit(s):        Gunze Sangyo 1/12 scale High Tech Model

Finished:            October 2004

Tire valve stems on both wheels
Front brake and clutch cables complete with cable housing stops
Oil line fittings on both ends of red coloured tubing
Boot added to spark plug
Electrical wiring for generator, rear brake light and battery
Mesh screen on back of air filter cover
Spring and open feet on centre stand
Spring and wing nut on rear brake linkage
Back side of muffler filled in with solder, sanded and polished
Steering stops on fork crowns to prevent oversteering of handlebars
Chrome foil inside headlight and brake light
Chrome foil on front forks, rear shocks and inner wheel hubs
Headlight housing, fenders, chain guard, gas tank and side covers all polished, frame left with rough finish
Wheel axle bolts

Ajax XXIV model show, October 2004, 1st place motorcycle
Featured in Scale Auto Magazine online gallery January 2005
WellCOME 9 model contest, Guelph, Ontario, March 2005, 1st place motorcycle
BUFFCON 22 model contest, Buffalo, NY, April 2005, 3rd place motorcycle
CapCON 2005 model contest, Ottawa ON, Sept 2005, 3rd place motorcycle
MegaCity Madness, Toronto, Sept 2005, 1st place motorcycle and
Supershow Motorcycle Contest, Toronto, Jan 2006, 1st place Vintage Motorcycles and Best of Show
9th Annual Friendly Meet Model Expo, Granby, QC, Mar 2006, 1st Motorcycles (popular vote)
Northstar Hobbies Model Contest, Mississauga ON, June 4, 2006, Bronze Medal Automobile Civil

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