Matrix Ducati 996
I've always enjoyed the Matrix series of movies and was always intrigued with the great chase scene in Matrix Reloaded with Trinity
riding a Ducati and carrying the key maker on the back.  It turns out that Ducati actually made a special version of a Ducati 998
with the dark green paint of the movie bike.

Ducati introduced the 916 in 1994 and was selected number 2 in Discovery Channel's 10 Ultimate Motorcycles.  The 996 was
introduced in 2000, with a larger engine and five spoked wheels.  The Ajax model contest in 2006 had a special theme award 'TV
or movie based vehicle' and I thought it would be a perfect excuse to build a
Matrix Ducati 996.

The basic kit is the Tamiya Ducati 916.  Besides the paint and different logos, there are two main differences between the bikes:
- the 996 had a passenger seat and seat pegs, which the 916 did not.
- the wheels were a different spoke pattern on the 996, compared with the 916

The model was built pretty much out of the box, with the figure taken from a vinyl N2 Toys Trinity figure, from which a mold was
made and resin pieces cast. More detailed descriptions and pictures are in the notes

Build Notes (670 kb PDF)

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/12 scale 14068 Ducati 916     

Finished:        October 2006

- passenger seat from Milliputt and footpegs from styrene
- added exhaust springs at three places on pipes
- drilled out ventilation holes on front brake disks
- sidestand spring added
- wheels and tires from Maisto Ducati 996 diecast model
- custom made dry transfer lettering from
All-Out Graphics used for logos
- body paint is Testors Colors by Boyd Dark Green green, with clear coat
- Alcad chrome, burnt metal used on muffler and exhaust pipe, Tamiya paint for most of other parts
- Trinity figure modified extensively from vinyl action figure

SuperShow Motorcycle Contest, Toronto, Jan 2007, Class Champion, Ducati 916/996 Motorcycles
BUFFCON 24, Buffalo, NY, April 2007, 1st place TV, Movie and comics vehicles
Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON Apr 2009, Theme Award winner - TV and Movie vehicles

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.

A couple of movie pictures (courtesy Warner Bros.)
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models