March 84C Indy Car
I had the basics for this model for almost 25 years.  An article in FineScale Modeler (Sep/Oct 1985) showed how to turn the AMT
Penske PC-6 into a March 84C.  The car was driven by Tom Sneva (the 1983 Indy 500 winner) but did not finish due to a broken
BCCV joint.  I bought the vacuformed body from the author and the decals from Fred Cady and it sat in a box.  The 2009 Ajax
model show had a special auto theme award '100 years of the Indianapolis Speedway' and I thought it was my best motivation for
finishing the model.  There is not engine or chassis details.

Base Kit(s):   AMT Penske PC-6 + vacuform body from Bill Gebhard

Finished:        October 2009

- scratchbuilt roll bar, rear wing and modified front wing and suspension
- Scale Motorsports set belt hardware
- clear acetate sheet and Scale Hardware rivets for windscreen.
- markings are Fred Cady decals and heat shielding areas are Bare Metal Foil
- radiators are cut up down pieces from Hasegawa Toyota 88C Le Mans phtoetch set
- paint is Tamiya Pure White, no clear coat or polishing

Ajax XXIX Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2009, 2nd place Open Wheel auto and theme award '100 years of the Indianapolis Speedway'

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