Manx Custom Dune Buggy
One of the car model magazines had a dune buggy contest in the late 1960's,/early 1970's.  One of the winners inspired me to
build this car many years ago.  I replaced the engine with a Corvair engine, which hung way out the back.  Because the roof was
never levelled properly, I originally covered it with thick, glue backed velvet material.  This was also used throughout the interior
and I never really liked it.  I decided to rebuild the car in anticipation of a Dune Buggy sub-theme for the 28th National NNL in
Toledo, October 2008.

The original car was dismantled, the roof and other areas corrected, a new engine added and then repainted and reassembled.  
The updated version is much closer to the concept that I was trying to capture.  The Fujimi Porsche 356 engine is a real gem!

Base Kit(s):   AMT Meyers Manx Dune Buggy (kit number T299 200)

(Re-)Finished:       October 2008

- Revell 'Miss Deal' Studebaker roof added to body and recontoured
- front body panel molded into fenders
- engine, transmission, drive shafts and rear brakes from Fujimi Porsche 356 with cooling shroud removed from engine
- scratchbuilt exhaust system from 1.2 mm diameter solder, sprue and aluminum tubing
- Revell 2006 Mustang front headlights
- rear taillights from Retro Hobby Tiki Trike
- scratchbuilt front turn signals from clear sprue, aluminum ring and Bare Metal Foil
- Detail Master street rod instruments, photoetch panel and seat belt hardware
- interior is flocked with black
- wheels from the kit, painted with Alclad chrome
- paint is Tamiya Mica Blue over silver base, followed by Tamiya Clear, polished and waxed

Ajax XXVIII Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2008, 2nd place Street Beast
Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON Apr 2009, 3rd place Street Machine
2009 Megacity Madness, Toronto, ON Sep 2009, 1st place Pick-up, Van and SUV

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Some Before and After Comparison Pictures
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Some construction pictures
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