MV Agusta F4 1000
I met Doug Teague  a few years back at the Motorcycle Supershow.  He is a motorsports enthusiast, motorcycle rider and racer
and model maker.  He owns an MV Agusta Tamburini motorcycle and wanted to make a model of his bike. He bought the Protar kit
and started building, even though it didn't have the correct wheels for his bike.  Later on, he found a slightly different version with
the wheels for his bike, so he bought that kit for the wheels.  The remaining kit he gave to me to build and what you see here is the

I saw some photos of the bike on the internet with a different paint scheme than the box art for the model and thought I would give
it a try.  After 50+ years manufacturing kits, Protar still has not mastered the skill of crisply molding styrene plastic.  The kits needs
a lot of work to turn into something presentable.  I'm just glad the fairing covers so much of the engine, because you can't see the
poorly fitting and soft molding of the engine parts.

I replaced the chain with a photoetch set from Cosmo's Factory.  The link below is an article I put together with a couple of tricks I
used to build this type of chain.

Cosmos Factory Chains PDF (348 kb)

Base Kit(s):   Protar 1:9 MV Agusta F4 1000   

Finished:        Dec 2012

- replaced lower front section of fork tubes with polished aluminum
- replaced chain with photoetch chain
- replaced front wheel axle with aluminum tube
- Paint is Tamiya Mica Silver and Mica Blue for the bodywork, various Alclad metallics and Tamiya acrylics.

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depending on your connection speed.  
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