Motorcycle Model Links

Coasters Motorcycle Modelling          
An excellent site for news, resources and the most comprehensive collection of tips specifically for motorcycles. Well laid out and
easy to navigate.

Bikes by Bruce
Bruce is a Canadian based modeller who does large scale bikes almost exclusively.  He has mastered the technique of replacing
molded spokes with more realistic wire.

Cosmo's Factory
1/9 scale classic racing motorcycles and sales of 1/9 scale details items.  Most pages have some English translation.

Kim's House Garage
Some absolutely amazing motorcycle models from some Japanese modellers.  Text is almost all Japanese.

Ira Dahm's website
Ira Dahm is a modeller who wrote extensively for Car Model magazine in the 1970's  He is still building very creative models

A Japanese site that has an annual motorcycle contest.  It used to be online, now it's only open for Japanese residents.  Some
fantastic motorcycle models, mostly GP bikes, most include a build diary with Japanese text.

1:12 on 2 blog
A blog maintained by a guy from France - very up to date and directed me to a number of obscure Japanese motorcycle model
sites.  Used to maintain a site called
Phildystunt's blog
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