Krauser MKM1000
The Krauser luggage company produced saddlebags and other items for motorcycles.  As a showcase for its products, it took a
mid-1980's BMW 1000 boxer engine and surrounded it with a space frame and full fairing.  They produced a black framed version
and a pink framed version.   Even thought the pink framed version had a more recent front fork, I couldn't resist the colour scheme.

I got stalled on finishing this model for almost 2 years when I was very unsatisfied with the decals.  Since I had modified the fairing
to be more like the real one, the decals no longer fit.  In addition, they went down with wrinkles and a couple of chipped parts.  I
then had the brilliant idea of cutting off some of the stripes on the fairing to remove the damage parts and make it resemble the
stripes on the seat/tank bodywork.

Base Kit(s):   Imai Krauser MKM 1000     

Finished:        October 2010

- front and rear axles turned from aluminum rod, including threads for 0-80 nut
- sheet aluminum for electrics under the tank
- air cleaner box and scoops built from styrene for more modern square air cleaner
- front fork tubes from polished aluminum
- brake bleeder valves, tire valves and brake line banjo joints from RB motion
- electrics, including ignition coils and connectors from styrene
- gas tank was from Milliput two part epoxy putty on styrene base
- lower part of front fairing modified to resemble actual fairing
- re-chromed exhaust pipes
- stand for bodywork and tank from styrene
- battery mounting hardware from wire and styrene
- clutch mechanism at rear of transmission from styrene
- oil cooler plumbed
- Paint is Testors German Silver on engine and wheels, Tamiya acrylics on frame and Tamiya lacquer on bodywork.

Ajax XXX, Ajax, ON, Oct 2010, 2nd place Street Motorcycle

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