Kawasaki H1R Racing Motorcycle
This model is a replica of one of the motorcycles in the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.  The bike was ridden by the
famous Canadian motorcycle racer Yvon Duhamel in the early 1970's.  The intent was to use the the Gunze Sangyo High Tech kit
of the Kawasaki 500 Mach III and make a few minor modifications to depict the race version of the street bike.

However, as with many projects, I soon discovered that the amount of work was not minor at all.  I basically used only the main
engine pieces, rear shocks and the wheels from the kit - the rest was scratchbuilt and/or modified from parts box pieces.  I turned
out to by one of the most challenging projects in which I learned a lot - some of which I actually applied.

Base Kit(s):        Gunze-Sangyo Kawasaki 500 Mach III (kit number 623)

Completed:        September 2009

- Scratchbuilt frame, swingarm, front fork triple clamps, clip-on handlebars, gas tank, seat and bodywork, tachometer, ignition coils,
external oil pump and bike stand all from styrene rod and sheets
- front wheel hub machined from aluminum to replace drum brake
- replaced front forks with polished aluminum tube
- wheel axles and swingarm bolts replaced with 0-80 threaded rod and nuts
- removed rear part of engine cover on left side and added webbing detail and clutch lever
- shifter pedal and linkage made from aluminum and steel wire and styrene connectors
- machined dry clutch cover from a piece of golf club shaft, plates are sheet styrene
- front forks and brakes from parts box (maybe Tamiya Katana kit?)
- custom made all decals on laser printer
- RB Motion hydraulic brake connectors for oil pump and front brake lines
- scratchbuilt rear wheel chain tensioners using pop can aluminum, styrene hex nuts and wound guitar string
- rear drum brake modified with additional lever arms and linkages made with sheet aluminum
- Paint is Tamiya Light Green and black (various finishes) all acrylics, Alclad aluminum on engine and wheels

Megacity Madness, Toronto, ON Sep 2009, 2nd place Motorcycle
Ajax XXIX Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2009, 1st place Motorcycle

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Some construction photos
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