Kawasaki AR50
I picked this model up on eBay and thought it would make a nice, simple build in preparation for the Supershow Contest in 2007.  
However, this is my first Aoshima motorcycle kit - it was a big disappointment and took far too much work for a kit with such a
limited number of parts.  The two mold halves did not line up exactly, so the molding lines had to be sanded down a lot on every
part.  Flat sections of the parts also had unusual little bumps that also needed to be sanded down.  A number of parts were just
not well molded and were replaced completly (e.g. muffler and exhaust pipe).  I'm going to be very cautious about buying another
Aoshima kit in future.

Base Kit(s):        Aoshima Kawasaki AR50 (kit number 21842)

Completed:        February 2006

- Cut out triangular hole in front engine mounts
- Replaced front forks with polished aluminum rod
- Seat had leather texture added using Ken Hartlen's technique
- Front of exhaust pipe replaced with brass rod, muffler replaced with polished aluminum, welding details added
- Scale thickness hydraulic brake line, fuel line, clutch, speedo, tach and throttle cables all added
- Rear brake rod replaced with stainless steel wire, aluminum bracket and wire spring
- Kickstart spring, chain tensioner screws and valve stems added
- Rear shock cut apart, damper replaced with aluminum rod and tube, spring replaced with aluminum wire
- Handlebars were cut off and re-attached at a more realistic angle (tilted down on leading edge)
- Mirror mounting bar replaced with steel wire
- Various detail bolt heads added
- Paint is Tamiya Light Green and black (various finishes) all acrylics, Alclad aluminum on some parts and Testors gold enamel on

Ajax XXVIII Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2008, Honourable Mention Motorcycle
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depending on your connection speed.

Some construction photos

Exhaust pipes and muffler rebuilt                                              Fork tubes replaced with aluminum, triple clamp modified

Rear shock replaced with aluminum pieces