John Deere Chopper
I get approached by numerous people each year at the Motorcycle Supershow, asking if I could build a model of the their
motorcycle.  Rarely does anyone every follow through.  At the 2018 show, the owner of a John Deere themed custom chopper
wanted a model of his bike built.  We worked out a deal and the model was delivered at the 2019 show.

There was quite a bit of scratchbuilding and modifications needed to the Revell custom chopper kit that served as the basis for this
build, as described in the build article.

John Deere Chopper Build Article

Base Kit(s):   Revell 'Bone Daddy' custom chopper (kit number 07932)     

Finished:        Jan 2019

- Major frame modifications (side plates, rear wheel mounts, under gas tank tubing)
- extended and modified rear fender
- scratchbult exhaust pipes
- front fork tubes replaced with polished aluminum
- scratchbuilt brake disks
- scratchbuilt rear brake pedal and footpeg
- scratchbuilt shifter pedal, control arm and footpeg
- modified 1:24 scale wheel for belt drive pulley
- aftermarket primary drive pulleys and belt
- scratchbuilt primary drive cover
- paint is John Deere green and yellow enamel paint from Canadian Tire, decanted and airbrushed, followed by acrylic clearcoat.

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