Honda VFR800
A Police version of this motorcycle was released in the fall of 2011 by Fujimi and I really like the design.  I found some pictures on
the Internet of a version decorated to celebrate the Honda "50th Anniversary of Racing" and decided that would be a cool build.  
There was quite a bit of bodywork involved in converting the police version and adding some missing detail.  The Fujimi kit was
quite simplified and I wouldn't say it was the best value for the amount of money - no engine, no brake, clutch, etc. cables and
plastic tires!

Base Kit(s):   Fujimi Honda VFR800 (kit number 4968728141305)     

Finished:        Feb 2012

- opened up 6 vents on fairing and added screening to largest one
- opened up hole under gas tank and added cylinder heads (cast from Honda NR engine)
- filled in back of swing arm
- mirrors and handlebars from parts box
- remove knee pads from gas tank
- scratchbuilt rear seat cover using sheet styrene
- shortened rear fender
- added brake and clutch lines, with scratchbuilt banjo joints
- Yellow decals from solid decal sheet
- Custom license plate
- Paint is Tamiya red and silver lacquers, black acrylics and Alclad II metallics

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