1983 Honda VF750 Interceptor Superbike
This bike was inspired by a small, black and white photo in an old Cycle Canada magazine.  It showed Rueben McMurter on a
Honda Interceptor Superbike.  The intriguing thing to me was that one of the sponsors was Royal City Cycle, then the largest bike
dealership in Guelph.  After some research, I found that the bike still existed in the hands of Bar Hodgson, who runs the Motorcycle
Supershows in Toronto and originally sponsored the bike in return for taking possession at the end of the 1983 season.  Rueben
placed third overall in 1983 on the AMA superbike circuit, a remarkable achievement for a privateer.  It led eventually to Rueben
getting a factory sponsored ride in subsequent years.  

The model was the most significant conversion and detailed motorcycle that I had attempted, about 200 hours.  I have also
prepared more detailed build notes in a PDF file.  I have over 60 reference photos and if your are interested, contact me.

Build Notes (PDF 1.0MB)

Links:        Ontario VFR club
          Jim Drew's Interceptor model
          Steve's page about the Interceptor motorcycle

Base Kit(s):        Tamiya 1/12 scale Honda Interceptor (14021) kit

Finished:            March 2005

Removable side covers
Simulated welding on various brackets and frame joints
Custom made decals for all sponsor logos and names
Opened side vents in fairing and added new screen details using wire
Safety wire added to selected nuts and bolts (front and rear brake, oil drain plug)
Seat has simulated leather texture
Scratchbuilt oil breather tank with welding details, clear breather lines, braided oil return line
Scratchbuilt oil pan with cooling fins and oil line mounts
Radiator modified from F1 radiator and includes front shroud, coolant lines and clear overflow tubes
Oil cooler modified from F1 oil cooler, mounting bracket scratchbuilt and oil lines and fittings added
Scatchbuilt rear brake caliper, mounting plate and arm, rear brake reservoir
Front brake calipers cast from Yamaha FZR750R and mounted on scratchbuilt plates
Added oil dipstick, white cover, exposed clutch plates, clutch guard and oil level window to right side engine cover
Scratchbuilt footpeg mounting plates, brackets and rear brake lever (including return spring)
Scratchbuilt additional fork brace, fork triple crown, handlebars and kill switch
Brake lever resin cast from Ducati 900SS lever
Scratchbuilt exhaust pipes, mufflers, attachment brackets, engine mounting studs and expansion springs
Scratchbuilt rear shock absorber with shortened spring and linkage arms
Number plates made using images printed on photo paper
Front fork tubes replaced with polished aluminum rod
Scratchbuilt working steering damper on left side of fork
Reduced thickness, opened semicircle holes and drilled vent holes in brake disks from Ducati 900SS
Modified wheels from Tamiya Honda RS1000 Endurance motorcycle
Scratchbuilt motorcycle stand from steel wire and styrene rod
Adjustment plates, nuts and bolts, slotted nut and cotter pin added to rear wheel
Added braided clutch, oil, brake and rear shock hydraulic lines, including banjo joints
Electrical wiring with connector added to left side of engine.

Tamiya Pure White, Mica Red and Mica Blue on bodywork, polished and waxed
Tamiya gloss black on engine with rough texture to simulate real bike engine
Tamiya gloss aluminum on frame, Alcad aluminum suspension parts
Alcad chrome on stand and brake disks, Tamiya flat black used on exhaust pipes, weathered with pastels

WellCOM 9 model contest, Guelph, Ontario, March 2005, Honorable mention motorcycle
London Model Show, London, Ontario, October 2005, 3rd place motorcycle
Ajax XXV model show, October 2005, 2nd place, motorcycle
SuperShow Motorcycle Contest, Toronto, Jan 2006, runner up, Racing Motorcycles
Appeard in Scale Auto Contest Cars 2006 as part of National NNL coverage

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 800 x 600 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.  

A few photos of the actual bike.                                                                                          Bike and Model together
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models