Honda VF750 Interceptor
I've started to do a series of racing superbikes and thought I would build a street version of each one.  As a compliment to the
Honda VF750 Interceptor Superbike, this is the street version.

This bike was built with only a few extra details added to the model.

Base Kit(s):        Tamiya 1/12 scale Honda Interceptor (14021) kit

Finished:            January 2011

- opened side vents in fairing and added new screen details using aluminum mesh
- opened up slots in lower front fairing
- chain adjustment plates, nuts and bolts and 0-80 axle nuts and bolts added to rear wheel
- brake and clutch banjo joints added
- spring added to sidestand
- Tamiya Pure White, Mica Red and Mica Blue on bodywork
- Tamiya semi-gloss black on engine, gloss aluminum on frame, Alcad aluminum and polished steel on brakes and suspension

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