Honda RS1000 'Gulf' livery endurance race motorcycle
I bought this model from a member of the Grand Valley Model Car Club who had started it a few years back.  I've seen photos of a
few street bikes done up in Gulf colours (eggshell blue and orange) but hadn't every seen a racing motorcycle.  This seemed like
the excellent opportunity to do the Gulf livery on a fictitious racing motorcycle as the decals were quite old and it would be difficult
to do the scheme as in the kit.  I really like the Honda inline four engines, it's too bad it is hidden under the bodywork. The model is
made pretty well out of the box, with the muffler from a Tamiya Suzuki Katana custom tuned kit and a few photoetch body

The first paint attempt:
- Tamiya gloss aluminum (to prevent the red plastic from bleeding through to the paint) out of the can
- Tamiya white primer, out of the can
- Humbrol 47 sea blue, airbrushed, then orange section masked off
- Zero Paints fluorescent red, the thin stripe masked off
- Tamiya gloss black acrylic
- DuPont acrylic clear.  
The Zero Paint attached the Humbrol enamel quite badly and there were a couple of spots that had to be sanded out during the
red airbrushing session.  Then the DuPont clear attacked the Humbrol enamel and it was just too bad to salvage the body so it
was stripped.

The second paint attempt:
- Tamiya gloss aluminum, out of the can
- Mr. Surfacer 1000 white primer, out of the can
- Zero Paint black run in a stripe where the orange and white were separated
- Thin stripe masked off
- more Mr. Surfacer 1000 to cover the black, airbrushed, blue section masked off
- Zero paints fluorescent red, orange section masked off
- Gravity Paints Gulf blue
- Three coats of Tamiya clear gloss lacquer, from the can
This worked out much better and there were no adverse paint reactions.  The one thing is that fluorescent paints really suck up
the Tamiya gloss.  After three coats, the Gravity blue was glossy, but the Zero red was still semi-gloss. I liked the look of that
contrast and since I wasn't going to polish the paint, I left it that way.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Honda RS1000 endurance race motorcycle (kit number 14014)     

Finished:        Dec 2015

- Suzuki Katana custom tuned muffler, bracket band from aluminum duct tape
- various kit and aftermarket decals
- Miniatures and Replicas dzus fasteners, Hobby Design fairing fasteners
- Scale Motorsports high definition carbon fiber decal for muffler
- paint as described above.

Ajax 36, Ajax, ON, Oct 2016 - 2nd place Motorcycle

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depending on your connection speed.  
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models
First paint results
Second paint process,
after spraying black, two
thin stripes masked
and lined up parallel
with masking tape.
After removing middle
tape, stripes are
Similar process for tail
Masking black stripe on
fairing, tape was cut out
using a styrene sheet
Masking of red before
final blue coat
Masking tape will lift
Alclad polished
aluminum, so
cardboard masks were