Honda RC211V 2003 "What-If" GP bike
I won a Tamiya 2003 Honda RC211V motorcyle model kit in a raffle, but I never intended to build it because the livery didn't really
appeal to me.  Then I got to thinking, with the extra decals and parts from the other two Honda GP bike projects, I could do a
'What-If" model . . .  What If Konica Minolta sponsored Valentino Rossi's bike when he won the world championship in 2003?  
Hence, the idea for this model.  The colour scheme was slightly different than the livery when Konica Minolta actually sponsored
the bike  (see
see Honda RC211V 2006 Konica Minolta):
- frame is semi-gloss black (as opposed to aluminum)
- front fender is blue (as opposed to black)
- fairing is blue in front, fading to black in the rear (reversed in 2006 bike)

The only really problem with the build was that I used the Konica Minolta logo from the Rennaissance Batman decal set and the
colour was too light compared to the Tamiya decals and the Hiroboy Zero paint.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Telefonica Moviestar Honda RC211V '03 (kit number 14094)     

Finished:        July 2012

- joint springs added to exhaust pipes
- scratchbuilt rear muffler hanger from pop can aluminum
- Top Studio gear shift linkage rod, throttle cable connectors and axles
- Hobby Design photoetch chainset and a few other bolt heads, etc.
- RB Motion tire valves
- Decals were a combination of Renaissance, Tamiya and aftermarket Rossi decals (numbers, pet bulldog Guido and other details)
- exhaust pipes were painted with Alclad chrome, over a black base, followed by transparent blue and orange pastels
- Zero paints used for bodywork and wheels, Alclad and Tamiya for metallic colours

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