Honda RA272 - 1965 Grand Prix Race Car
I picked up this kit a few years ago and decided to complete it for the Ajax 2013 model show.  Acu Stion made a couple of really
nice detail parts for the model and I was able to order from HobbyLink Japan.  Lots of Internet pictures were found, but many of
them were of the restored car, which is driven at vintage race events.  I tried to make my version be as consistent with the way the
car raced back in the 1960's as much as I could.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya 1/20 scale Honda RA272 (kit number 20044)

Finished:       October 2013

- front suspension pieces thinned down to be more in scale
- brake lines added
- vacuuformed windshield from AcuStion attached with Scale Hardware rivets
- intruments wired and plumbed, chrome bezel rings added
- Acu Stion turned metal intake trumpets
- Acu Stion photoetch grill on engine cover
- Top Studio shock absorbers used on rear suspension
- most rear suspension arms replaced with RB Motion rod ends, aluminum wire and tubing
- fuel lines from clear fishing line
- spark plug wires added
- last sections of exhaust pipes replaced with aluminum tube
- RB Motion tire valves
- Thunder Valley exhaust pipes polished and scratchbuilt mounting brackets added
- Replicas and Miniatures Dzus fasteners
- body rivets removed and replaced with Scale Hardware rivets
- Tamiya Racing White used for bodywork

Ajax 33, Ajax, ON Oct 2013, 1st place Large Scale
Heritagecon 8, Hamilton, ON March 2014, 1st place Competition - Open Wheel
Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON May 2014, 2nd place Competition - Open Wheel
Toronto Model Car Show and Contest, Toronto, ON September 2014, 1st place Competition - Open Wheel
London Scale Model Show, London, ON September 2014,1st place Open Wheel Competition
IPMS Livonia Can-Am Challenge, Livonia, MI October 1, 2016 - 3rd place Competition Road Cours

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depending on your connection speed.  

Some in progress pictures
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