Honda GL500 Land Speed Record motorcycle
This motorcycle was on display at the Motorcycle Supershow, in Toronto, in Jan 2010 and Jan 2011.  The bike competed at the
Bonneville Salt Flats in 2009 and came up just 2.5 mph short of the record it was trying to beat.  The class it competed in was the
Partial Streamlined Special Constructed 500cc Push Rod Class (class APS-PC)

The model is kit bashed mostly from a Tamiya CX500 turbo street motorcyle, parts from at least four other kits and a lot of
additional scratchbuilding.  A description of the build was produced and can be read at
Honda GL500 Builder Book (2MB PDF).

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Honda CX500 Turbo 80 (kit number 14016)     

Finished:        May 2015

- front fairing from Tamiya VF750F with mounts from styrene rod and sheet and aluminum sheet
- front headlight cover from sheet acetate, painted with Tamiya smoke and mounting brackets and simulated bolts
- lower triple tree (fork tube mounts), from sheet styrene
- fork tubes, from polished aluminum rod
- clip on bars, from styrene rod and tube
- radiator from sheet styrene, face from Yamaha YZR-M1 photoetch
- gas tank, from built up sheet styrene
- fuel pump and gas tank filler cap, from machined styrene
- gas tank mounting plates, from sheet aluminum
- upper front engine mounts, from styrene, built up in layers
- exhaust pipes, from solder and aluminum tube (last section)
- carb intake tubes, from styrene rod
- rear brake mechanism, from styrene, aluminum tubing
- gear shift mechanism, from styrene, aluminum tubing and RM Motion rod ends
- lower rear frame extension, from styrene rod and sheet
- upper rear frame details, from built up styrene sheet
- seat, from lead sheet
- electronics mounting plates, from sheet aluminum
- on switch, from sheet aluminum and MFH toggle switch
- shut-off switch, from sheet aluminum
- bike stand, from styrene sheet and square rod
- Top Studio throttle cable added
- RB Motion rod ends on gear shift mechanism
- front wheel from Tamiya New Katana, with one side of hub cast and reversed for the other side, paint is Tamiya gloss black
lacquer and Alclad polished aluminum
- water pump on rear of engine and water tube were both shortened about 2 mm
- carburetors taken from Tamiya Suzuki Katana GSX1100
- dual air cleaners scratchbuilt from styrene – 4 mm diameter rod was machine tapered, 0.5 mm diameter rod then glued around
circumference, machined to final dimensions
- air cleaner caps from machined aluminum
- starter removed and replaced with three piece scratchbuilt unit
- exhaust pipes from solder an bent aluminum tube
- rear wheel and bodywork from Tamiya CB900
- welds on frame made by dabbing on gel CA glue
- paint is Tamiya TS-16 Yellow, airbrushed, the rear bodywork and fairing had clear coats and were polished, the frame was left as
is because the real bike did not have a really polished finish.

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depending on your connection speed.  

Toronto Model Car Show, September 2015, 1st place motorcycle, Best Overall Detail and Best in Show
Ajax 35, Ajax, ON October 2015, 1st place Motorcycles
HeritageCon 10, Hamilton, ON March 2016, 3rd place Motorcycles
IPMS Livonia Can-Am Challenge, Livonia, MI October 1, 2016 - 3rd place Motorcycles

The real motorcycle

Some Construction Photos
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models