Honda Cub 'Rhonda'
This bike has appeared a couple of times at the Motorcycle Supershow Event.  It belongs to a young lady, Julia Robertson, who
rode from Ontario to Newfoundland and back in the summer of 2010 and christened her bike "Rhonda".  She was accompanied by
her father, who also rode a Honda Cub, and they raised money for the 'Because I'm a Girl' campaign sponsored by Plan Canada.  
You can see more information, read about Julia's trip and donate to the campaign at
Julia Robertson -Because I'm a Girl or at
Canada by Cub

The bike is a modified Honda Cub with a 65 cc engine and a custom luggage rack.  The model is based on the recently released
Fujimi Honda Cub, with modifications and paint to match "Rhonda".  I ordered the photoetch spoke set but never used it because I
found that the molded spokes were scale thickness.

Base Kit(s):   Fujimii Honda Cub     

Finished:        Dec 2010

- scratchbuilt       - luggage rack with plywood platform
             - sidestand with spring
             - elongated seat (styrene sheet and Milliput)
- replace both axles and swing arm bolts with 0-80 nuts and bolts
- rear chain adjuster replaced with scratchbuilt eyebolt and Scale Hardware nut
- added rear footpegs from spare parts box
- bare metal foil for fender and splashguard trim and rear shock
- right side of engine cast from Bandai Honda Cub engine cover
- kickstand spring added
- mirror moved to left handlebar
- removed knobs on side covers so that they could be painted separately
- RB Motion tire valves
- custom decals were printed using an inkjet printer
- paint is Tamiya Pure White, Racing White and Bright Red lacquers, decanted and sprayed via airbrush.

Heritagecon 5, Hamilton, ON March 2011, 3rd place Motorcycle
Kingston Modelrama, Kingston, ON, May 2011 - 1st place motorcycles
Toronto Model Car Show, Toronto, ON Sep 2011, 1st place Motorcycles
Ajax XXXI, Ajax, ON October 2011, 3rd place Motorcycles

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Some photos of Julia's bike, 'Rhonda'.
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models