Honda CX500 Turbo
    "The Honda CX500 Turbo was the world's first turbo-charged production motorcycle and made its debut at the 1980
    Cologne Motor Show. Powering the bike was an 82hp liquid-cooled V-twin engine fitted with a turbo unit which Honda
    developed with Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries. In combination with a computerized fuel injection system, the 500cc
    engine featured the same performance as 1000cc engine. Additional features included Honda's unique Pro-Link rear
    suspension and a 4-step adjustable anti nose dive front suspension. The rectangular headlight was integrated into the large
    cowling, providing the bike with luxurious appearance. With its stylish form as well as superb performance, the CX500 is one
    of the most exciting motorcycles in history."  Taken from the Tamiya website.

I have had this model in my collection for a while now and finally got around to building it.  The decals in the original Tamiya
release had a bad tendency to yellow over time.  They did release a kit with Cartograph decals, and this model is from that issue.  
Even with Cartograph decals, I could not get the decals to lay down without wrinkles.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Honda CX500 Turbo (kit number 14016)     

Finished:        Jan 2019

- Molotow chrome and bare metal foil behind turn signals and brake light
- Meng bolt heads replaced just a couple of bolts on the suspension
- body paint is Tamiya gloss white and white clear, decanted and airbrushed, followed by Tamiya clear from the can, black acrylics
elsewhere, airbrushed and Tamiya gold, decanted from the can for the wheels and fork.

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