Honda CB750F
This is the street version of the superbike version that I hope to build in the future.  The model was made by combining the original
Tamiya release (the majority of the parts) with the decals from the Custom Tuned version

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya Honda CB750F and Honda CB750F Custom Tuned (kit numbers 14006 and 14066)     

Finished:        Aug 2009

- thinned brake disks
- replaced fork tubes with polished aluminum rod
- rebuilt rear shocks with chrome spring, polished aluminum rod and chrome mylar foil
- scratchbuilt rear wheel chain tensioners using pop can aluminum, Scale Hardware hex nuts and wound guitar string
- front and rear axles, swingarm pivot replaced with 0-80 threads and nuts
- kickstand springs added
- brake hydraulic banjo joints added
- bare metal foil behind turn signals and brake light
- Scale Hardware simulated bolts nuts (and some washers) used on engine mounting, triple clamp areas
- custom made license plate
- exhaust pipes cleaned up and then re-chromed by Chrome-Tech USA
- paint on bodywork is Tamiya silver, Tamiya clear, both right from the can, polished and waxed.
- paint on frame is Tamiya acrylic gloss black, airbrushed.
- paint on engine, wheels, forks, etc. is Tamayi semi-gloss black

Ajax XXIX Model Show, Ajax, ON Oct 2009, 2nd place Motorcycle

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