Global Flyer
On February 28, 2005, Steve Fossett flew the Global Flyer on a solo, non-stop flight around the world in a time of 67 hours 1
minute.  The flight speed of 590.7 km/h (342.2 mph) broke the Absolute World Record for the fastest nonstop unrefueled
circumnavigation of the world.  The airplane was called the "Scaled Composites Model 311 Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer" (registered
N277SF).  The aircraft was owned by the pilot Steve Fossett, sponsored by Richard Branson's airline, Virgin Atlantic, and built by
Burt Rutan's company, Scaled Composites. The aircraft had a single jet engine and was constructed of various kinds of composite
materials.  It is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

A year later, Fossett set the longest aircraft flight distance in history: 25,766 miles (41,467 km).  Tragically, Steve lost his life while
flying solo across the Nevada desert in September, 2007.

I thought that making a model of this historic aircraft would be very rewarding, and even drew up some plans to scratchbuild one in
1:72 scale.  Luckily, a model company based in the Ukraine, Amodel, produced an injection molded kit and I bought one from
eBay.  The quality of the kit is not the best and it was quite a challenge to build - no locating pins, poor engraving and rough
surfaces.  If you ever build this model kit, my advice is to add metal pins to all the wing joints to strengthen them.

Base Kit(s):   Amodel Global Flyer (kit number 72189)

Finished:        December 2014

- built pretty much out of the box
- filled all control surface joints with styrene strips, sanded and rescribed.
- added cut down Airfix pilot figure to cockpit
- reinforced wing root with 2 mm (0.080") diameter styrene rod
- paint is Tamiya Pure White, Italian Red (engine, tail) and a combination of Pure White and dark blue (lower fueselage) - all
lacquers, decanted and sprayed through an airbrush.  The underneath of the control surfaces was done in Alclad II Steel.

Heritagecon 9, Hamilton, ON March 2015, 1st place Civil and Commercial aircraft
Ajax 35, Ajax, ON October 2015, 2nd place Civil, Sport and Racing aircraft

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