Ducati 900SS
This bike is based (loosely) on a Ducati that flew by me on the Trans-Canada highway in the Fraser Valley, BC in 1981.  I stopped
at the next town, where the rider had stopped and chatted to him about his bike.  I started with the Mike Hailwood Ducati, hoping to
modify the body, then the 900SS was issued and I used the body parts from that kit

Base Kit(s):     Tamiya 1/12 scale 14019 Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood replica
        Tamiya 1/12 scale 14025 Ducati 900SS

Finished:         March 2004

Added material to make gas tank solid underneath
Added braided brake lines (silver painted cloth fishing line)
Added two ignition coils under gas tank
Added wire mesh screens to carburetor intake horns
Additional battery electrical wiring
Drilled out brake discs
Drilled and opened vents in side covers and made them removable
Added throttle and ignition cables using scale thickness wires
Modified kickstand so that the stand is a bit more upright
Scratchbuilt exhaust pipe and muffler from electrical wire and styrene tubing
Added axle and nut using brass nuts and bolts
Added brass bolts for engine mounts and steering head
Shortened fender and integrated taillight and turn signals
Finished in Testors yellow can spray paint.
Scratchbuilt BC license plate

WellCOM 8 model contest, Guelph, Ontario, March 2004, 3rd place motorcycle
MegaCity Madness, Toronto, Sept 2004, 3rd place motorcycle
Ajax XXIV model show, October 2004, 2nd place motorcycle

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