Dodge Viper SRT-10
This model was built for the 2014 Ajax show automobile theme '100 years of Dodge 1914-2014'.  I had purchased this model for a
project that needed a Viper engine.  The project never came to fruition and so the kit sat around for a few years.  The theme
provided a perfect reason to build the kit.

Base Kit(s):   Revel Dodge Viper SRT-10 (kit number 2188)

Finished:        October 2014

- Viper chrome badges (front bodywork, floor mats)
- poseable steering added
- spark plug wiring
- aluminum mesh around air cleaners
- flocked floor
- seat belt latches
- custom license plate
- paint on body is Tamiya Bright Red and Dupont clear acrylic

Heritagecon 9, Hamilton, ON March 2015, 1st place Street Machines

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