Crusader Chopper
For our model club's 2007 12 hour build, I decided to do one of the R-M choppers.  Since there is only one colour to be used on
the bike (for the fenders, frame and tank), it was an ideal candidate to build in just 12 hours.

The only trouble I had was with the flame decals.  They needed to curve over the fenders and tank and this resulted in a number
of wrinkles.  Solvaset removed most of them but there are two big ones on top of the tank.  I would recommend that you cut the
decals as close to the flames as you can.  This should give more flexibility for the decals to settle down better.

Base Kit(s):  Revell-Monogram "Crusader" chopper (kit number 7314)

Finished:      February 17, 2007

- Built pretty much out of the box.
- Two oil lines added from tank to engine using vinyl tubing from Tamiya kits and connectors are some short tubes meant for
crimping in beading work.
- Front brake and clutch lines added
- Custom license plate
- Tamiya clear blue, red and yellow were used on exhaust pipes for heat staining, but it is mostly hidden by the cylinder heads.
- Yellow paint is some Krylon Fusion spray paint meant for plastic that dries in about 20 minutes.  It was decanted into a bottle and
the first two coats were shot through my airbrush, with the last two coats straight from the can.

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