BMW K100 cafe bike
I had this crazy idea to strip down a K100 to its essentials.  It was worked on over a number of years and finally finished at the end
of 2014.  The thing about cafe style motorcycle models is that they are simpler to build because a number of parts are not used
(turn signals, rear body parts, passenger footpegs and seat, etc.)

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya (kit number 14036)

Finished:        Dec 2014

- removed rear subframe
- extended swing arm
- built rear single shock immediately behind engine, with Meng bolt head details
- drilled out brake disks
- replaced headlight with parts box item
- removed rear sections of footpeg mounts
- shortened muffler and replaced with styrene cylinder
- seat from Fujimi Honda Cub, mounted on a piece of bent sprue
- scratchbuilt air cleaner
- Alclad II aluminum, duraluminum and dark aluminum on engine and wheels
- Tamiya Mica Silver on frame, yellow on tank

Toronto Model Car Show, September 2015, 3rd place Motorcycle
Ajax 35, Ajax, ON October 2015, 3rd place Motorcycles

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.  These photos were run through a photo editing program to sharpen the
image, which resulted in the orange peel becoming very prominent.
Evan Jones Motorcycle Models