BMW K100
I have a love affair with BMW motorcycles and the K100 is no exception.  Introduced in 1983 in Europe, the K100 was a radical
departure from the air-cooled opposed twins that had been the staple of BMW motorcycles.  The new K100 was a liquid cooled,
fuel-injected inline four that was laid on its side.

I saw an Internet photo of an orange and black painted K100 and decided to replicate it for this model.  I call it my "Halloween
BMW" because of the paint scheme.  Even though it was an early Tamiya kit, it still had a wire spring for the single rear shock and
some very good engraving, especially on the engine parts.

Base Kit(s):   Tamiya BMW K100 (kit number 14036)     

Finished:        Nov 2008

- drilled out and thinned brake disks
- replaced fork tubes with polished aluminum rod
- replaced rear shock shaft with polished aluminum
- replaced radiator grill with aluminum mesh
- drilled out bolt heads to simulate hex socket head screws
- additional electrical wiring for fuel injectors
- paint on tank and headlight shroud is Bob's Paint Orange Mist with a bit of red added.  It gives an in scale metalflake look
- black bodywork is Zero Paints black, all bodywork has Zero Paint clear topcoat, polished and waxed.
- paint is Testor's German Silver on engine, Alclad aluminum on footpeg mounts, Alclad stainless steel on muffler

2009 Motorcycle Supershow, Toronto, ON Jan 2009, 1st place Street Motorcycle
2010 Megacity Madness, Toronto, ON Sep 2010, 3rd place Motorcycle

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Some Construction Photos
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