Below are links to a number of PDF articles that I have produced.  Some are just build notes for various
model projects that are available on my other web pages and others have appeared in model magazines.
There is also a selection of press articles from newspapers and online magazines.
Click on the image to download the article or view online.
Magazine (and other) Articles
Various Build Articles
Suzuki Carbon Plastic
Frame Motorcycle
Suzuki Katana SBK
Matrix Ducati 996
Cosmos Factory
Honda GL500
LSR bike
Cherry 'T' street rod
Lotus 25
John Deere
Random Thoughts (IPMS Canada magazine)
Silver Dart
Yamaha YZR-M1
'Spiderman' GP bike
Harley-Davidson WLC
Team Canada
Brabham BT42
Model Cars Magazine
Fork Tubes
July 2008
Motorcycle Chains
Dec 2012
Improving Revell
Choppers July 2012
Other Articles (links to other sites) Motorcycle
Models (PDF)