2012 Jan 24 hour build
Along with 28 or so modellers around North America, here are pictures of my efforts for a 24 hour build Jan 28 and 29, 2012

Gary Kulchock's Fotki site with all the details:   


What I will be building                                View out front window                                Starting spot in living room (body prep)

Ready to 'Snip 'n' Sand'                       Yoshi - official 24 hr build mascot                        Betty - official test marker
(as opposed to 'Rock 'n' Roll')                                                                                        (new gas stove in background)

2:20 pm Removing molded screen and replacing with aluminum.                        Over 200 total holes hand drilled, I'm not
                                                                                                                          even sure you can see them on the
                                                                                                                          finished model!

5:00 pm - frame painted TS-17 gloss aluminum, body parts in primer

10:30 pm - body parts in Kylon white, engine, etc. in Tamiya semi-gloss acrylic - time for bed

Sunday morning - airbrushing flat black, flat clear and steel, then final assembly

     Step 1                        Step 2                        Step 3

Noon Sunday - this is as far as I got.  I discovered, when doing the gauges, that the 20+ year old decals don't like to come
off the paper, except in little tiny pieces.  I'll try:
- using some Decal sealer and try again later
- scan the decal sheet and make my own
- mask and paint the stripes (don't like this option)
- leave the bike white

Sunday 2:30 pm - this is where I'm going to leave it until I figure out the decals.  Once they are on, then footpegs, mirrors
and other minor stuff.  I'm glad I did the metal screen and no, you can't see the 200 holes I drilled.

Dave Walker and friends in Calgary

Dave's Porsche (what a surprise!)            Brian's TR7                                Roy's Lotus Turbine and Lotus 25
Phantom colour scheme                                                                              Finishing two models started years ago