1968 Lincoln Continental
This is the second model in what will become a collection of the 'Cars of the movie Bullitt', which was released in 1968.  This was
the Lincoln Continental that the politician Robert Chalmers (played by Robert Vaughn) was chauffeured around in the movie.  I
couldn't tell from the movie whether it had a vinyl roof or not and left it without.

This particular AMT kit has been out of production for some time and a mint kit is very hard to find and expensive if you can find it.  
I managed to find to find two 'glue bomb' kits on eBay and combined them for this model:
- one model was a built-up, with very thickly brush painted unusual copper paint, even the interior
- the second model had an untouched chassis and body, but fuzzy material glued to the interior

By stripping the paint from the interior of the first model and combining with the interior and chassis of the second model, the result
is the curbside model you see here.

Instead of bare metal foil for the extensive trim, I masked off the trim and sprayed some Molotow chrome paint.  It wasn't thinned
down enough, but this technique seems to work.

Base Kit(s):   AMT 1968 Lincoln Continental (kit number 6428-20)

Finished:        July 2017

- scratchbuilt 'rabbit ears' on trunk, from round styrene rod and stretched black sprue
- custom license plate and bumper sticker to match movie car
- chrome aftermarket badges
- interior paint is Tamiya semi-gloss acrylic and Molotow chrome
- flocked interior floor
- wood grain is yellow decal sheet painted with red brown and clear orange
- rescribed door and trunk panel lines
- parts box mirror (the kit does not come with one)
- body trim is sprayed Molotow chrome paint
- grill has a black wash
- body paint is Tamiya gloss black lacquer and clear, polished and waxed

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and maybe a bit slow to load, depending on
your connection speed.  
Evan Jones Car Models
Original leftover body
from first kit and
interior from second kit