1:24 scale Racing Motorcycles
For the 2014 Daytona 24 hour build, I decided to tackle the project to finish 4 1:24 scale MotoGP racing motorcycles.  Some body
clean up work had been done prior to the build weekend.  I ended up with a terrible head cold and only built for about 7 hours
before I gave up and went to bed.  If I get one more racing model in this scale, I will have enough to enter into a collection category
at one of the model shows.

In August, 2014, I finished an additional fifth model to complete the collection.

Base Kit(s):   Airfix racing motorcycles (kit number 96499 - 3 models, plus paint)
                   Hasegawa Honda NSR500 1997 (kit number GP3:1500)
                   Heller Ducati Desmosedici (kit number 80926)

Finished:        Feb 2014 and Aug 2014

- built out of the box
- ScaleMotorsports carbon fibre decals used on all exhaust mufflers and rear fenders
- Alclad metallics on frames and forks.
- bodywork paint was some from the Airfix kit as well as Tamiya acrylics
- Krylon clear acrylic was used and reacted with some of the paint (especially the red on the Yamaha)

Click on Thumbnail to see detailed image.  These images are 1024 x 768 and should load reasonably quickly,
depending on your connection speed.  

2002 Yamaha YZR500, sponsor: Antena 3, rider: Norifumi Abe

2002 Honda NSR500, sponsor: Nastro Azzurro (although decals have blotted out the name), rider: Valentino Rossi

2001 Suzuki RGV-Γ, sponsor: Telefonica, rider: Kenny Roberts

1997 Honda NSR500, sponsor: Repsol, rider: Tadayuki Okada

2003 Ducati Desmosedici, sponsor: Marlboro, rider: Troy Bayliss
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